Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat. Mike Stern – November 2018

Hoff´s new album Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat. Mike Stern is due for release November 16, 2018 on Losen Records. The quartet with Stern, Hoff, Per Mathisen and Audun Kleive did a successful tour in Norway, March 2018 followed by a 2-day recording in Oslo. 5 new compositions by Hoff and 3 Stern- classics were recorded and the album is at present in production. The Stern/Hoff- album will be available as CD, LP, iTunes and on Tidal.

  1. FLY NORTH Hoff - Jormin - Mazur - Henriksen
  2. LIFE Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 8:16
  3. Figment I Jan Gunnar Hoff solo (Stories 2016) 2:49