TERRA NOVA (April 2017) w/Marianne Beate Kielland

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STORIES (Dec 2016) 

The Vinyl Anachronist: “This wavering between pure improvisation and surreptitious homage make Stories one of the most rewarding solo piano works I’ve heard in some time”

Audiophile Audition: “The whole program is a remarkably satisfying hour’s listening..recordings of the piano do not come better than this; it really is a stunningly good sound whether auditioned via Pure Audio Blu-ray or through SACD”

Jazz in Norway (Terje Mosnes): “In every way a pianistic delight to the ear”

Hammerø: “Soundscape full of temperament, dynamics, harmony and melodic championship”

Stereo+: “Pure reference”

Review Avisa Nordland

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STILLE LYS (QUIET LIGHT) Dec. 2014 – Solo piano

Second solo album on multi-Grammy nominated label 2L, recorded by Morten Lindberg. This is Hoff´s Christmas concept album with international classics and songs from Northern Norway

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Front coverFLY NORTH! Released January 2014 feat. Arve Henriksen, Anders Jormin, Marilyn Mazur. Nominated for Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy)

Allaboutjazz: ”Together these four master musicians travel deep into a land of beauty. Fly North! is an enchanting musical journey in first class all the way through”.

Jazz Journal (UK): “Jan Gunnar Hoff´s days as one of Norway´s best kept secrets must surely be numbered”.

Nordische Musik (Germany): “Ohne Einschränkung..faszinierende dialogische” (5/6) (Sverige): “något av kanske det bästa den nordiska jazzen idag har att erbjuda i fråga om melodi och harmoni”

Dagens Næringsliv: «Årets første jazzalbum kan godt vise seg å være et av årets fineste. Kvartetten har laget en klassiker med FLY NORTH” (“The quartet has made a classic”)

Dagsavisen: «Fly North!» er bodskapen når pianisten Jan Gunnar Hoff opnar jazzåret med nytt band og eit strålande album, et album uten dødpunkt” (” an album with no deadlocks”)

Bergens Tidende: “Jan Gunnar Hoff har levert en plate som vil bli stående som en av de sterkeste norske jazzutgivelsene i 2014. Tittelsporet må være en av de vakreste jazzlåtene som er innspilt” (“The title track must be one of the most beautiful jazztunes ever recorded”- 5/6) “Another candidate for album of the year” (5/6)

Vårt Land    Nordlys, Tromsø    Avisa Nordland, Bodø (5/6)    Østlendingen (5/6)  Dagbladet (5/6)

Soundofmusic (Sweden)

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LIVING  (Blu-ray/SACD/vinyl) – solo piano album on 2L (2013)

AUDIO (Germany): ” The Norwegian jazzpianist succeds with Living in making a gentle, almost seductive debut. Varied melodics and magical depths, soundwise this is an absolute reference production”

The Vinyl Anachronist: “Listening to the lush, flowing, impassioned performances on Living, it’s easy to imagine that they are emanating deep from within his soul” “This is a lovely disc filled with music with will soothe every listener’s soul. There is a continuing sense of improvisation, and yet, there is never a moment where you are not aware of an overarching structure to each piece”

Audiophile Audition: “In general I liked the tracks by Hoff…more variety and a stronger rhythmic pulse”

Mono and Stereo, Slovenia: “For me Jan Gunnar Hoff creates a certain emotional bond between a listener and performer, transcends the labelling of pop, jazz, classical and simply work on evoking of feelings while cutting straight through any perceptions…” In jeder Hinsicht ein Traum von einem Album!

Dagsavisen, Oslo: “A great album, an excellent solo debut”

Jazznytt, Oslo: “Highly recommended, a superb album” “Living oser av malerisk skjønnhet, vill natur og meditativ inderlighet” (5 of 6 stars)

Nordlys, Tromsø: “Hoff articulates himself with an impressive clearness in his performing and with a unique control of the instrument”

Dagbladet, Oslo: “Hoff merges classical elements with jazz aesthetics.. the music is able to fold out in the listeners mind” (5/6)

Avisa Nordland, Bodø: “First class piano music. You don´t have to be a jazz nerd to enjoy this album” (5/6)

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Video footage from NRK Dagsrevyen April 13, 2013 about the LIVING- release

BARXETA – Acuna/Hoff/Mathisen (2012)

iDrum Magazine: “Superb trio with a highly succesful fusion of jazz, rock, funk and world music. The trio combines musicality, groove and a strong melodic sense on this evocative and highly recommended album” “For those believing that Norwegian artists are all about glacial cool and rubato tone poems, Barxeta demonstrates there’s plenty of fire in the far, far north”

Jazz Journal:  “The exciting opener Belarus..Overall the album is dominated by some fine acoustic and electric keyboard and bass work and some fine compositions”

Progressive Rock “First class fusion with a blend of passionate, high energy and gracefully elegant music performed by three world class musicians…Jan Gunnar Hoff combines the melodic sensibility and dexterity of Lyle Mays with the edginess of Chick Corea” “There is a synchronicity amongst these three musicians that is hard to find..both breathtaking and first class all the way”

JAZZ IN NORWAY review (Jazznytt): “A supreme album! The title track Barxeta has the potential of a classic, almost like Weather Report´s “A remark you made”

Dagbladet, Oslo: (5/6)

Dagsavisen, Oslo: “A sparkling trio as well as in studio, as on stage” “When two of our best men invites a world leading drummer, it is really happening”

Avisa Nordland (5/6)

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QUIET WINTER NIGHT (Blu-ray/vinyl 2012) Nominated for US Grammy Awards

The music from Blåfjell composed by Bøhren & Åserud, arranged by Jan Gunnar Hoff and performed by Helene Bøksle, Arild Andersen, Mathias Eick, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Sondre Bratland a.o. “The album Quiet Winter Night is probably one of several candidates to be one of the best albums of the 2L, and then both the music and the sound considered not to talk about the symbiosis of these two exercises”

Audiophile Audition: “A gorgeously-played and recorded program”

Einsnull (Germany): “The sound is amazing and gives the mix of folk and jazz a warm yet powerful expression. This is submersive music that capture the listener in a totally calming and comforting way”

Audiostream: “This wonderful recording is a blend of jazz and folk..the album fits together beautifully..highly recommended” “Hoff is an arranger with vision. Not only did he expand the scope of his ensemble by inviting musicians of great characters to collaborate, Hoff knew exactly how and when to let each shine, thus giving each song real character”

highresmac: “Jan Gunnar Hoff ist eine norwegische Institution. Der Pianist und Bandleader gilt als einfühlsam und interpretationsstark, was sich auch in den Arrangements von Quiet Winter Night zeigt”

Link to The Absolute Sound review

JAZZNYTT- Norway (Jazz news)

Misc. reviews Norway PDF

Link to 2L info and all reviews

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Acuna/Hoff/Mathisen trio in concert – 2011 (DVD/CD)

Recorded live in Los Angeles at Drumchannel

Terry Bozzio: “I was party to this improvisation here at Drum Channel and was transported to a place of excitement, joy and awe as I listened to it all go down. I don’t think I have heard anything this wonderful since Weather Report disbanded & Joe Zawinul passed on. Flanked by two Norwegian geniuses Jan Gunnar Hoff & Per Mathisen, Acuna has assembled a World Class Performing Trio that will soon captivate audiences everywhere with cutting edge, yet accessible new music that draws the listener in & affects a transcendent experience”

Terry O’Mahoney, Percussive Notes: “Together, they create inspired contemporary improvised instrumental music that is reminiscent of the music of Weather Report, the Keith Jarrett Trio, and other European jazz artists of the past 20 years on the ECM record label”

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Meditation and atmospheres with Hoff and Ove Bjørken (guitar)

Adresseavisen, Trondheim: “A relaxed kind of jazz-rock with focus on distinct rhythms and strong melodies”

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JUNGLE CITY Acuna/Hoff/Mathisen 2009 

Debut album by the AHM-trio, recorded in Austria

AllaboutJazz nov 2009: ”The thoroughly exciting Jungle City. From the higher velocity of Mathisen’s title track and frenetically swinging Jangala, to Hoff’s abstract, synth-laden Visions and more upbeat, equally Zawinul-esque Tribute, Jungle City clearly reveals an unmistakable reference point for these two fine Norwegian players, on one of Acuña’s best co-led sessions to date”

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MAGMA 2008 feat. Mike Stern, Maria Joao, Eick, Aarset, Kleive, Kjellemyr, Norbakken

An international line up performs Hoff´s commissions for Vossajazz and Bodø festivals

John Kelman, AAJ: “Throughout, Hoff’s writing and playing possesses an almost pop-like clarity and concision, but with a far richer vernacular”

Dagsavisen: “The strong and powerful album Magma”

Aftenposten: “Melodious, beautiful and engaged”

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MEDITATUS 2007 w/Jan Gunnar Hoff Group and Bodø Cathedral Choir

Jazz mass receiving the Edvard-prize from TONO in 2005, Tor Hammerø: “Hoff has in his highly personal way succeded in creating a synthesis between 1000 year old texts and hip, modern jazz music”

Bergensavisen: “Recommended, a cross-over that works”

Review Avisa Nordland     Oslo performance 2007

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IN TOWN 2003

The 4th release from Jan Gunnar Hoff Group

Dagbladet: “Strong melodies driven by a highly vital interplay”

VG: “A very original pianoplayer and composer with a unique melodic gift”

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Bjørken, Hoff, Sletten, Kjellemyr

Adressa, Trondheim: “An undiscovered recording of delicate, melodic jazz deserves a bigger audience”


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Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat. Tore Brunborg

Richard Palmer, Jazz Journal Nov. 1998: ”Hoff emerges as a keyboardist of considerable versatility and flair. Clearly a player and musical mind to watch. An intriguing and often rewarding album that is well worth checking out”

Jazz Stage, Sweden 1998: “Hoff has established himself as one of the important artists within Nordic jazz, a distinct language in his pianoplaying and in his fine compositions”


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Hoff´s second solo album w/Jørgensen, Riisnæs

Aftenposten: “Hoff deserves international recognition”

Jazz Special, Denmark: “This CD and Hoff´s music is simply on top”

JAZZNYTT, Norway: “Jan Gunnar Hoff definitely takes a step into the Premier League of jazz. He is about to establish himself as one of the most important musicians on the Norwegian Jazz Scene in the late Nineties”

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Jan Gunnar Hoff´s highly acclaimed debut album feat. Kleive, Kjellemyr, Riisnæs, Carvalho, Yttredal, Kopperud

Boris Rabinowitch, Berlingske Tidende (Copenhagen): “An excellent album” (link to review)

Klassekampen, Norway: ”The vitamin-injection of 1993”

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  1. City Z (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 4:23
  2. Some Day (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 6:33
  3. Common Ground (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 7:39
  4. Living (Losen records 2014) Hoff, Mazur, Henriksen, Jormin 6:54
  5. FLY NORTH (Losen 2013) Hoff - Jormin - Mazur - Henriksen
  6. Beginning Hoff Ensemble: Jan Gunnar Hoff, Audun Kleive & Anders Jormin 3:14