In December every year Jan Gunnar Hoff performs his Christmas program Stille Lys (Quiet Light), based on his 2014 album on 2L with the same title. This is a mellow and quiet piano performance giving the audiences a calming experience. The program consists of well known National, North-Norwegian and International songs and tunes connected with the season, yet in Hoff´s own arrangements and style. Concerts up for 2019: Harstad December 12, Bodø Dec 14, Tromsø Dec 19 (Photo from Stormen, Bodø, December 14, 2020: Arnt E. Pedersen).

  1. FLY NORTH Hoff - Jormin - Mazur - Henriksen
  2. Living Jan Gunnar Hoff 6:54
  3. Beginning Hoff Ensemble: Jan Gunnar Hoff, Audun Kleive & Anders Jormin 3:14