In 2004 Jan Gunnar Hoff received the prestigious Edvard-Prize for his jazz mass Meditatus, later recorded in Rainbow studio and released on Grappa label in 2007. In 2014 Hoff wrote the composition Terra Nova for choir and jazz group and in 2017 released the album Terra Nova with mezzo soprano Marianne Beate Kielland. Hoff has continued to work in “cross over”- settings with classical musicans, church choirs and similar. In 2019 he performed Terra Nova- concerts in Istanbul with cellist Sedef Ercetin and in his home town with the local youth choir. The music from Meditatus and Terra Nova is growing in popularity and is performed by choirs and artists from Norway and other countries. In 2020 Terra Nova will be performed in the cathedral of Kristiansand, Norway by the University choir of UiA, University of Agder.

  1. FLY NORTH Hoff - Jormin - Mazur - Henriksen
  2. Living Jan Gunnar Hoff 6:54
  3. Beginning Hoff Ensemble: Jan Gunnar Hoff, Audun Kleive & Anders Jormin 3:14