Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat. Mike Stern (Losen 2018)

Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern

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The second album-collaboration between Norwegian jazz keyboardist Jan Gunnar Hoff and guitar legend Mike Stern. 5 original tunes by Hoff and 3 Stern- classics in a smoking fusion album featuring Audun Kleive on drums and Per Mathisen on electric and acoustic bass.

Downbeat PDF: «Hoffs album, with Stern´s formidable help, organically crosses over eras and transatlantic aesthetics, bridging a division in fusion»

Downbeat review online

Progressiverockcentral.com: “Three of the finest musicians in the northern European fusion scene collaborate with American guitarist Mike Stern. Half of the album are laid back tracks that highlight Stern’s guitar and Jan Gunnar Hoff’s piano. The other half are thrilling, high energy, electric jazz-rock fusion pieces with admirable guitar work and fantastic synth solos and electric piano by Jan Gunnar Hoff. The synthesizer work is so good that leaves wanting more. His synth style is influenced by two of the greatest fusion keyboardists of all time: Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul”.

SKJAZZ.SK: «An absolutely top-of-the-line album in this genre! The album Jan Gunnar Hoff Group featuring Mike Stern is a collection of 8 songs, where the musical fusion or crossover between jazz, funk and rock is perfect!»

Adam Baruch: “Overall this is a terrific piece of music, which keeps things simple and straight to the heart, full of great playing and superb melody lines, devoid of unnecessary pose, which sadly rules in music today. Wholeheartedly recommended”.

Jazz Station Award: The 40th Annual Jazz Station Awards / The Best Jazz of 2018. Keyboards: 4. Jan Gunnar Hoff («Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern»- Losen Records)

Jazzviews: «This is a collection of artists that could deserve to be called a supergroup. This set shows us that fusion has developed and what is recorded here is contemporary music of the highest order».

Musikansich, Germany (16/20): “Stern’s clear-sounding guitar sometimes hovers weightlessly above the dense rhythmic mesh and keyboards that create a large-scale soundscape, and Hoff also delivers high-class solos”.

Salt Peanuts: “Hoff has found his electric band.. compositions that fit the line up perfectly”.

Audiophile.no: “A musical revelation”

Dagsavisen, Oslo: “Hoff´s  star (stern)- team, fat solos, grooving”.

Hammerø, Oslo: “Jazz rock, fusion or whatever you want to call it, at a very high level

Avisa Nordland, Bodø: “Perfect match”.

iTromsø: “Explosive fusion”.

Stereo +: “Their 70’s funky jazz-embroidered music grooves infernally”

Vårt Land

  1. City Z (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 4:23
  2. Some Day (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 6:33
  3. Common Ground (2018) Jan Gunnar Hoff Group feat Mike Stern 7:39
  4. Living (Losen records 2014) Hoff, Mazur, Henriksen, Jormin 6:54
  5. FLY NORTH (Losen 2013) Hoff - Jormin - Mazur - Henriksen
  6. Beginning Hoff Ensemble: Jan Gunnar Hoff, Audun Kleive & Anders Jormin 3:14